The Importance of Fitting Clothing and How to Get it Right

Costumed, tailored clothing that fits well makes a vast difference in your appearance. By fitted clothes, we mean clothes that conform to one’s body’s shape, are comfortable and allow space to breathe, and do not look bulky on your body. Seams that do not pull, sleeves that you do not have to roll for the perfect length, and a neck that doesn’t look sloppy are all elements that are unremarkable to well-fitting clothes.

It is not at all easy to find ready-made clothes that are comfortable as well as perfectly fit your body, so your best option is to find a good and experienced tailor who could make you look sophisticated instead of sloppy. The tailor who will make your custom clothes will be able to access your body shape and alter dresses according to what suits you.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Get the Right Fit in Tailored Clothes:

  1. You should not measure it yourself; get someone else to measure it for you with a flexible measuring tape instead of a fabric one as they shrink. Also, when you are taking horizontal measurements, make sure you keep them parallel to the ground.
  2. Stand straight on a flat surface and do not slouch, with legs together and hands on the sides.
  3. Stand in a simple and straight posture; do not try to suck your stomach in.
  4. Make sure that the tape from which you are measuring is held firmly but not very tight; two fingers should sit comfortably on it.
  5. Keep in mind that the waist measurement given by the tailor does not refer to where you wear your pants. The hip measurement can also be deceptive; instead of measuring around the top of your hip bone, you can measure it around the portion of your hips that is the widest.
  6. The last tip is to measure twice for accuracy.

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